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18 hours ago
Some days are harder than most but I’m trying hard to .....
19 hours ago
Lord help me to find peace 🙏🏾
2 days ago
I didn’t mean to break your heart
Now I know your love is true
And I want to be with you for the rest of my life
But now you don’t feel the same nothing will ever feel the same .
3 days ago
Hate has no place that’s why when it’s seen displayed ,it gets displaced .
3 days ago
Some laws newly passed in the U.S are so hypocritical, they are more or less taking the freedom of people’s lives choices . We should live free and fair
6 days ago
It’s really true that Some times we meet literal passerby’s in our life aaaand sometimes we are lucky enough to meet the ones who bring all the amazing stuff that we most likely don’t acknowledge at first but then goes ahead and stay. An Angel in whatever form