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2 days ago
Hey have you handed over the remote control to you wife and kids now ? Afterall the world cup is over #france won! Lool
4 days ago
am i crazy cuz i take my sisters opinion importantly therefore affirming my next single is unapologetically #TJAN #OUTSOON
P.s she is my oga as u can see in our conversation lool 🤣❤️
5 days ago
Loving the uk right now
5 days ago
A little bit of good in this times will count more than it has ever been before, let’s be go to one another ❤️
6 days ago
I’m not making music to try to be some one else cuz every one else is taken but the person you are about to be, do it for the love
7 days ago
It’s sad all the good accolades and social development and recognition that is being achieved through entertainment which has been instrumental in changing the narratives are being flawed by the same people who caused the disgrace in the first place. #NIGERIA 🤦🏾‍♂️